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​Chances are, you got into business because you wanted a greater sense of freedom – financial freedom, lifestyle freedom and freedom to do things your way. But, like many business owners, you’ve probably found yourself working harder, longer hours than ever before – without seeing the rewards you had hoped.

In my years as an accountant and financial officer, I’ve seen so many business owners just like you who are great at the job they do, but struggle when it comes to actually making sense of their financials and really driving the long-term success of their business. They don’t know the right questions to ask, or have the right advisers to turn to – not only for guidance, but also for accountability.

That’s why I created Competitive Advantage. Blending my financial acumen with years of practical business ownership and insight, I help business owners understand and apply insights, develop essential skills and identify where they need to grow capability so they can finally create a business that thrives – and get that financial and lifestyle freedom they had hoped for.

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I’ve spent my career working in financial and commercial management roles across a range of industries and sectors. This experience means I have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to grow, run and scale successful New Zealand businesses. This expertise also comes backed by the weight of professional qualifications, including an MBA.

While my background has been focused on finance and accounting, my role as your advisor goes far beyond number crunching. Numbers are only relevant if you’re able to turn them into actionable insights – which is where I come in.

With down-to-earth, relatable and pragmatic advice, knowledge of smart, efficient technology systems and a passion for pushing people to turn ideas into reality, I will be a trusted advisor, sounding board and accountability partner as you work towards your business goals.

“I own and run a thriving business myself, so I get it!”

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