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Transform your business with the right kind of advice, customised to your goals and designed to support you at the right stage of your business journey.

Competitive Advantage Foundation


Getting the basics right from the start offers a solid foundation from which to grow, run and scale a business fit for the future. We’ll discuss everything you need to get your business up and running with efficient systems, the right technology and streamlined processes that support your business goals.

The Foundation package covers questions like:

  • What legal trading entity is right for my business? (Sole trader, Company, LTC, Trust) 
  • Navigating the IRD process – PAYE, GST, EMS, Income Tax & Provisional Tax
  • How do I manage my risk, how do I make my family home safe while starting a business?
  • What is the role of a Director & Shareholder
  • How do I look for finance or funding?
  • Can I apply for ATEED, NZTE or Callaghan funding?
  • Setting up Xero – where do I start?
  • When do I file my tax return, Annual Accounts or Sole trader reports?
  • How do I get paid? Understanding wage, salary, shareholder salary, drawings.

Investment from $750.00*

Competitive Advantage Knowledge


You’ve got a good business and some big goals in mind, you just need some support to understand the steps to upskill, clarity on how to measure those results, confidence to make decisions and accountability to keep you focused. This 6-month package gives you monthly meetings where we will build knowledge, address challenges and give you the opportunity to tap into the expertise of your own experienced advisor, invested in your success.

The Knowledge package covers questions like:

  • How to I understand and manage income tax, provisional tax, terminal tax, PAYE and GST
  • Understanding your Profit and Loss – the difference between Business Profit and Company (taxable) profit, understanding your Profit and Loss Structure and putting that information to use
  • Understanding your Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Annual Accounts
  • Understand IR4, IR3, IR7

Investment from $2000.00*

Competitive Advantage Advisory


Smart operators have the right team around them. Access the knowledge and expertise of an experienced advisor for formal business governance support. With measurable goals in place, I’ll keep you accountable and on track, working towards critical business milestones while acting as a trusted sounding board for the decisions that drive growth and manage risk in your business.

There are no silver bullets, good businesses grow from knowledge, scarcity, funding and effective management. The Advisory package helps you understand how each of these key business drivers affects your business.

  • Build a monthly reporting regime to drive good process and build knowledge
  • Develop a regular process to receive advisory board feedback
  • Understand and measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of YOUR business
  • Set key ratios, including Return on Investment (ROI) Current Ratio and Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Build a business scorecard that will give you understanding and insights
  • Measure it so you can manage it
  • Grow your skills alongside your business – management, accounting, human resources, risk management, finance & funding, governance, sales & marketing 
  • Become a successful business owner in a growth curve
  • Build essential business skills, including understanding how the three business levers can increase your profit: Increase Price, Increase Volume, Decrease Cost
  • Build a business forecast from scratch, understand the drivers, the cash flow and funding
  • Master a 3-way forecast – Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
  • Understand what your bank manager wants so you can plan ahead

Investment advice upon consultation*

"It was apparent after a short meeting that we were in a mess"

In 2017 I noticed discrepancies in our accounts that had been set up by a company that at the time I believed to be an accounting firm. After talking to the bank they suggested I speak with Stewart, It was apparent after a short meeting that we were in a mess. Stewart has helped us with our accounting, also giving great advice and guidance with our business, he has been a solid sounding board. We have had some tricky times over the last few years especially when one of the shareholders was exiting the company, but Stewart has guided us and made it a lot simpler, ensuring that things were done correctly and saved us money with his wisdom and ethics.

Karl Hardy - Managing Director, WorkCare NZ


"Practical, straight up advice and the patience of a Saint!"

I have worked with Stewart for many years and he is the safety bar on this roller coaster ride of starting, running, and growing a business.  He’s the one that will get you to open your eyes for the scariest twists and turns and remind you to enjoy the ride.  My business would not be where it is today without him.  Practical, straight-up advice and the patience of a Saint! 

Diane Stanbra - Founder & Managing Director, Picnic Box NZ / Picnic Box AUS


"I entered the business world knowing a lot about design, and very little about business."

Stewart from Competitive Advantage has been right beside me since the inception of my company. I would not be where I am today without him and his expertise. I entered the business world knowing a lot about design, and very little about business. Stewart guided and mentored me through the tough early years and stayed with me to celebrate as my brand grew into what it is today. From decision making, to finance, to navigating hard situations, Stewart is and will always be the voice of reason that keeps me and my team on track. His accounting firm, Good For Business has also managed our accounts since we launched, they are professional and always on-point. I couldn't recommend a better person to partner with if you're serious about building something that stands the test of time.

Tim Kavermann - Director, Fuel Media Ltd | Auckland


Competitive Advantage is an
accredited ATEED Partner

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Transform your business with the right kind of advice, customised to your goals and designed to support you at the right stage of your business journey.